Katrína Mogensen

2th of April 1989
Place of birth: Reykjavík , Iceland

Katrína Mogensen lives and works in Reykjavík as an artist, musician and performer. In the spring of 2014 she graduated with a BA degree in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Art. From 2009-2011 she studied diploma in fine arts and textiles in the Reykjavík school of Visual Art. Katrína found the band Mammút in 2004 and has worked with the band since.

Katrína´s work mainly includes video-works, texts, performances, installations and music.

After graduating from the Icelandic academy of the arts she has been playing with different kinds of media. She has taking part in several group exhibitions in the artist run gallery EKKISENS, worked in Algera Studio, participated as a dancer in the piece Fronting, at the Reykjavík Dance Festival and performed in many both stage performances and videos.

Katrina Mogensen and Sunneva Ása received the Icelandic Music Award in 2013 for the album art of the year, for the cover on the album “Come to me my dark sister” by the band Mammút.

She was also nominated at the same awards in 2014 for the music video “Þau Svæfa” for the band Mammút and at The Northern Wave Film Festival in 2014 where she got the second prize for the best music video of the year for. The same video was nominated at The Nordic Music Video Awards in 2014.

Katrína has been nominated for the singer of the year both in 2008 and 2013 at the Icelandic music awards.

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